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Azolla - Wines of Renewal

The intention of Azolla Wines is to craft wines of place that demonstrate the efficacy of regenerative, biodynamic and other carbon positive farming methods to grow terroir-driven wines. 

 The only epoch associated with a plant, a 50 million year old symbiosis between a cyanobacteria and a fern dramatically changed the earth’s atmosphere from a ‘greenhouse’ environment, and catalyzed a planetary evolution resulting in a cooler planet teaming with life of unparalleled diversity and potential.

As humanity takes the planet towards the event horizon of climate change, Azolla (and plants like it) can offer a path to help repair climate damage. Like a calming salve, Azolla has the potential to heal the bruises, burns and lacerations caused by humanity’s unsustainable systems of agriculture, industry and consumption. By sequestering atmospheric carbon at unparalleled levels, Azolla is a powerful tool in the mission to reverse the catastrophic trend of global climate change.

Release Spring 2019. Varietals and vineyard sources will vary vintage to vintage while we seek out the farms and relationships that best fit our vision and palate . Mendocino County, California, Planet Earth.

For more information about Azolla Wines, contact Alex.