Doug was gifted a used lathe last year by a neighbor.  We have a lot of downed wood on our land.  Doug has a deep love and understanding of wood.

Enter BowlLabat.

Doug's bowls are made by hand from wood Doug finds on our property in Yorkville, California.  Some of the wood he uses is gifted to him. 

Each bowl is designed to highlight the individual character of the wood used.  In some cases, the uneven edges of the bowl are actually the bark and natural edge of the wood used. Imperfections happen in nature, and Doug seeks to integrate and celebrate these in his bowl turning process.  In general, he only works with native trees and wood, Olive being the exception. The wood type used in each bowl is noted on the bottom of it.

Bowls are finished and sealed with shellac or a mixture of Linseed Oil and Beeswax, both of which are food grade and non-toxic. You can use these bowl for food service.  They should be washed with non-detergent soap and water, and dried immediately.

All proceeds from the sale of Doug's bowls go to fund fire fighting and emergency response equipment and resources for the Yorkville Fire Station and Anderson Valley Fire Department.

Currently available at the following locations:

The Farmhouse Mercantile in Boonville, California. 

~The Mercantile owners have graciously decided to donate all of their proceeds to the Anderson Valley Fire Department as well, so 100% of      the purchase price of these bowls is a donation to our awesome volunteer firefighters and first responders.