Sin Eater Ciders has become a fun additional pursuit for us.  In our third year of production, we still source our apples and pears from Filigreen Farm,  a favorite grower in the Valley, where Chris and Stephanie tend heirloom and heritage varieties on their Demeter-certified biodynamic farm.  We have also been gifted apples and quince from private, non-certified organic orchards.  Thank you, folks!

Our ciders are unfiltered, small batch, and are made from a blend of varietals.  All ciders are made with spontaneous yeast fermentation and are unfined.  There are no preservatives added to our ciders.

This year, we made 3 ciders and a Perry.  

We continue to produce our Traditional Cider, which has a blend of 5 heirloom apples; Ribston Pippin, Spitzenburg, Gravenstein, Smokehouse and Wickson. 

Our Dry Hop cider is co-fermented with a very unique hops, Gargoyle, which hails from Sonoma County.  This hops imparts unique Mango and Citrus notes to the blend of Gravenstein and Maiden's Blush apples.  Its a beer lover's cider.  

We went wild and crazy this year, and decided to co-press some Sierra Beauty apples with Albarino Grape pomace we had left over from the juice we had pressed earlier that morning.  A unique hybrid of both components, its incredibly refreshing and unique.  We call it Sierra Beauty/Albarino.

Made with late season pears-Winter Nelis, Louise Bonne,  d’Avranches, Hosui Asian Pears, grown by Filigreen Farm,  this Perry is earthy, with tropical fruit aromas, a broad mid palette, and a classic sweet pear character. Textural, vivid and expressive, this Perry is tangy and complex, with layers of fresh Pear and Summer orchard.

Try our ciders on tap at The Buckhorn, Redfield Cider Bar and Bottle Shop, The Boonville Hotel and Yorkville Market.

Cider in 500 ML bottles is now available at El Cerrito Natural Grocery Annex, Gather, La Limes, Northbrae Bottle Shop, Stone and Embers , The Bewildered Pig, The TradingPost, The Ravens , Hopscotch, Canyon MarketVintage Berkeley-Vine and Elmwood, Anderson Valley Market, Albion Grocery, Cafe Beaujolais, Good Earth Market, Heritage House Resort, Lemon's Market, Noyo Harbor Inn, Minimo Wine, Solano Cellars, Harbor House Inn, Westside Renaissance Market, Fog Eater Cafe, Smithwood Mercantile, Good Life Cafe and The Elk Store.