Our wines are currently available to the customer only through restaurants and retail stores.  Please TRY our wines at the growing list of venues throughout the Bay Area and North Bay.

We make a range of white, rose and red wines, available in bottles (and some in 5 gallon kegs), and two varieties of hard apple cider. Our wines tend towards a European style, lower in alcohol and more subtle in flavor profile. Our current wine offerings include:

Sauvignon Blanc - 2016 Slippery Slope Vineyard - Yorkville Highlands  Evocative aromas of tropical citrus and tropical white fruit flowers, with undertones of tarragon and garden herbs.   A savory salinity, with hyacinth and lemon balm aromatics round out a lively approach. Lean on the palate, with a full, dry finish, this Sauvignon Blanc retain its acid throughout. 12.8% alcohol.

Albariño- 2016 Wentzel Vineyard-Anderson Valley

Bright aromas of Lychee, grapefruit, and tropical citrus on the approach. On the palate, undertones of mace and nutmeg give way to a Juicy-Fruit flavor. This wine has a savory element, with a subtle salinity that elongate the mouthwatering finish. Classic Albariño spicy minerality.  12.6 % alcohol

Cuvee Blanc-2016 Anderson Valley
A blend of Anderson Valley Gewürztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Welcoming and approachable, with a nose of orange guava, gardenia, violet and clary sage. On the palate, the perception of fermented lime, fennel bulb, quince and white pepper roll and linger.  Notes of baking spice in the finish, with just enough sweetness to balance the focused acidity, create a mouth-coating and mouth-watering finish.  13.4 % alcohol.

Rose-2016 Mendocino County

A vibrant pink-salmon hue, with strawberry rhubarb pie and watermelon, and a hint of licorice.  Blueberry, bramble and red raspberry give way to wild cherry on the palate. A long and savory finish leave one wanting more... 13.8 % alcohol.

Pinot Noir - 2016 Filigreen Farm - Anderson Valley

Aromas of Alpine strawberries, Morello cherries, dusty black tea leaf, with layers of caramel, bramble, duxelles and worn leather, this wine is focused and resilient on the palate.  A nice tannin finish with Ripe pomegranate and a note of savory meringue. 13.6% alcohol.

Syrah - 2014 Hawk Butte - Yorkville Highlands

Aromas of black raspberry pie, ground chestnut, salumi and seaweed, with caramel, cassis, blackberry, fresh cured leather and mission fig on the palate. Layers of Marionberry, dark plum, bramble and Epazote. 14.4% alcohol.

 Pét-Nat- 2017 Anderson Valley sparkling white wine

An ancestral cousin of champagne, Pet Nat, or  Pétillant Naturel, has notes or Lychee, Lilac and Spring honeycomb.  Layers of Rose, Melon Rind and citrus foam belay a tart Russet pear flavor core. This sparkling wine, made from Pinot Gris grapes, is currently off-dry, with an acid balance and a mouthwatering finish. A living product, it will continue to ferment for months to come and evolve over time in bottle.  12.5% alcohol

older vintages

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2012 Papillon de Nuit Syrah

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